Lake Atitlan has been one of the emblems of guatemalan patriotism 
Its beauty and incomparable nature have been visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists and a thriving tourist trade has developed . However, the slow but steady growth of bacteria in the lake ended up converting it into a swamp. .

So Atitlan municipality has maritime obligations that we must continue in accordance with stipulated items:

Article 119 - . Obligations of the State . They are fundamental obligations of the State : c. Adopt the measures necessary for the conservation , development and utilization of natural resources efficiently ;

Article 121 - . State Property . They are state assets :
a. The public domain ; b . The waters of the maritime area that encircles the shores of their land , lakes , rivers and navigable streams, rivers , springs and streams that serve international border of the Republic , falls and springs of water harvesting.

Article 125 - . Exploitation of non-renewable natural resources. Declared public utility and necessity, technical and rational exploitation of hydrocarbons, minerals and other nonrenewable resources .

The State shall establish and shall encourage conditions for your own exploration, exploitation and marketing .
Records of boats: 
The inscription of boats shall be made in the city by the owners to register their representatives through a formal request to the Mayor accompanied the document property, comply with legal requirements and regulations in which a fee is fixed income or contribution city​​.