The tourism sector has experienced strong growth in recent years while boating boating on Lake Atitlan. At the same time the supply of services to the banks near saw a substantial increase arises is why the opportunity to create a platform that effectively facilitate the disclosure of all related products for maritime use of the lake .
Where we will be ?
We will place all around the sea
lakes, and businesses located on the banks .
our Project
Our map associated to the website is designed to be easy to use and flexible system .
Distributed 1,000 copies based on information which bears on the web site which allows expand the information from our partners .
What is it?
This medium was born with the idea of ​​creating a map as an effective tool for all people who use boats on Lake Atitlan , where we advice all of the places that tourists can visit and get a better idea of ​​your adventure all over the place .
Who is ?
Merchant Lake , who want to promote their business to visitors who use the lake to sail different springs .
What are the benefits?
Being on hand to potential customers that they can visit nearby businesses.